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The One Hidden Skill You Need to Unlock the Value of Your Data

The One Hidden Skill You Need to Unlock the Value of Your Data

An examination of data scientist skills reveals an often overlooked skill necessary to uncover insights from data: The Scientific Method Data scientists are a hot commodity in today’s data-abundant world. Business leaders are relying on data scientists to improve how they acquire data, determine its value, analyze it and build algorithms for the ultimate purpose of improving how they do busi... »

In Data We Trust

In Data We Trust

The use of data in driving business decisions is a competitive imperative in today’s business world, improving how companies market to, sell to, and service their customers. Yet IBM found that 1 in 3 business leaders do not trust the information they use to make decisions. When business leaders don’t believe their data, they likely are not going to support an effort to collect more of ... »

Creating Value from Analytics: The Nine Levers of Business Success

Creating Value from Analytics: The Nine Levers of Business Success

IBM just released the results of a global study on how businesses can get the most value from Big Data and analytics. They found nine areas that are critical to creating value from analytics. You can download the entire study here. IBM Institute for Business Value surveyed 900 IT and business executives from 70 countries from June through August 2013. The 50+ survey questions were designed to help... »

Nate-Silvering Small Data Leads to Internet Service Provider (ISP) industry insights

There is much talk of Big Data and how it is changing/impacting how businesses improve the customer experience. In this week’s post, I want to illustrate the value of Small Data. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) receive the lowest customer satisfaction ratings among the industry sectors measured by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). As an industry, then, the ISP industry has m... »

My Conversation with Oracle on Customer Experience Management

I recently talked to John Foley (Director, strategic communications) of Oracle Corp. about the field of customer experience management (CEM). In our conversation, we touched on a few topics that I cover in more detail in my new book, TCE: Total Customer Experience: 1) the difference/similarities between CEM and CRM, 2) the marriage of Big Data and CEM and 3) taking a holistic approach in understan... »

How to Become a Customer Experience Analytics Innovator

Companies continually look for ways to outperform their competitors. One way is to apply analytics to their treasure trove of data. Researchers, for example, have found that top-performing businesses were twice as likely to use analytics to guide future strategies and guide day-to-day operations compared to their low-performing counterparts. Earlier this year, MIT and SAS released the results of a... »

The Total Customer Experience: How Oracle Builds their Business Around the Customer

Oracle stands as a great example of a company that builds their business around the customer. In my new book on customer experience management (CEM), TCE: Total Customer Experience, I dedicate a chapter to Oracle’s CEM approach. In this inside look into how one major enterprise structures their CEM program, I explore how Oracle puts theory into practice across each of the six components of O... »

Big Data – What it Really Means for VoC and Customer Experience Professionals

I had the privilege of delivering a talk on the topic of Big Data on May 15, 2013 in Las Vegas as part of VOCFusion, the world’s largest voice of the customer event. I would like to thank Allegiance for hosting and organizing this excellent educational event for our industry peers. I highly recommend this multi-day event for VoC and customer experience professionals. The goal of my talk was ... »

Webinar: Improving the Customer Experience Using Big Data, Customer-Centric Measurement and Analytics

I recently gave a talk on how to improve the customer experience using Big Data, customer-centric measurement and analytics. My talk was hosted by the good people at Pivotal (recently Cetas). You can view the webinar by registering here or you can view the slides below. In this webinar, Improving the Customer Experience Using Big Data, Customer-Centric Measurement and Analytics, I include content ... »

Getting a 360° View of the Customer – Interview with Mark Myers of IBM

Businesses, to succeed, need to have a deep understanding of their customers. Businesses now have unprecedented access to a wide variety of different types of customer data from which to gain customer insights. The intelligent use (e.g., analysis, dissemination) of this data can help businesses deliver a better customer experience both at the group level and at the individual level. I had the oppo... »

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