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Data-As-A-Service to enable compliance reporting

Data-As-A-Service to enable compliance reporting

Data-As-A-Service to enable compliance reporting

Data-As-A-Service to enable compliance reporting

Big Data tools are clearly very powerful & flexible while dealing with unstructured information. However, they are equally applicable, especially when combined with columnar stores such as parquet, to address rapidly changing regulatory requirements that involve reporting & analyzing data across multiple silos of structured information. This is an example of applying multiple big data tools to create data-as-a-service that brings together a data hub, and enable very high performance analytics & reporting leveraging a combination of HDFS, Spark, Cassandra, Parquet, Talend and Jasper. In this talk, we will discuss the architecture, challenges & opportunities of designing data-as-a-Service that enables businesses to respond to changing regulatory & compliance requirements.

Girish Juneja, Senior Vice President/CTO at Altisource

Girish Juneja is in charge of guiding Altisource’s technology vision and will led technology teams across Boston, Los Angeles, Seattle and other cities nationally and nationally, according to a release.

Girish was formerly general manager of big data products and chief technology officer of data center software at California-based chip maker Intel Corp. (Nasdaq: INTC). He helped lead several acquisitions including the acquisition of McAfee Inc. in 2011, according to a release.

He was also the co-founder of technology company Sarvega Inc., acquired by Intel in 2005, and he holds a master’s degree in computer science and an MBA in finance and strategy from the University of Chicago.

[slideshare id=40783439&doc=girshmeetuppresntationmm3-141027135842-conversion-gate01]

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