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How Companies Are Navigating Return-to-Office Strategies

Just a little over a year ago, millions of workers flocked to central business districts across the country to get work done in crowded skyscrapers and office buildings.

Now, employees have settled into the reality that is working from home, with a totally new outlook on how they will work in the future.

Although vaccines are being rapidly distributed, the return of employees to the office may not happen overnight.

However, now is the time for executives to plan a proper return strategy, but unfortunately many have not.

The biggest considerations when identifying who should return to the workplace depends on those who have received the vaccine, as well as those who have to continue juggling work and children who are attending school virtually.

“Everyone has different comfort levels with coming back,” said Chuck McShane, a senior vice president at the Charlotte Regional Business Alliance. “For some companies, it depends on the type of work you’re doing and whether you can remain at home. But a concern about continued remote work is, how do entry-level workers get socialized into the office culture?”

For now, some companies are looking to bring their employees back into the office later this year in order to better support collaboration and workplace culture.

A survey form PwC found that over 55% of people would prefer to work remotely at least three days each week even after the pandemic, which is in line with companies opting for a more hybrid work arrangement moving forward.

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The post How Companies Are Navigating Return-to-Office Strategies appeared first on Work 2.0™.

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