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Langha, Thanks for your question. There are a lot of different types of data you can likely use to answer your question (how do you create loyal customers?) regarding events. One way is to conduct a post-event survey that asks about the participants' experience at the event. The survey could...

Sure you can contribute as a guest blogger. Please email information about your work and include some of your old work for us to check. Please email to

Paul, Thanks for your comments. Regarding your first point, I agree that self-reported behaviors are typically higher than actual behavior. If I had observed recommending behaviors, that would have made for a better analysis, for sure. But studies are never perfect. You stated that the NPS segments were based on...

Shane, Thanks for your comments and insights. Your conclusions make sense to me (that increased ratings precede increased response rates). If you have anything more on the topic, I would love to read it. Bob

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