Orange County Photographers Offer Tip: Lower Expense by using Remote Computing Technology

Remote computing technology allows persons on remote computers to control a host computer from any location in the world through an internet connection.  Remote computing technology can help photography businesses reduce their operating expenses in a number of different ways:

1. Better utilization of hardware and software licenses. A major expense for a photography business is the software it needs to purchase and upgrade in order to keep up with the competition. It can easily cost thousands of dollars to install the Adobe Suite, Photoshop, Lightroom, and Album Design software on one workstation. In addition a well running Mac Book Pro can cost another $3,000. By allowing your employees to access these resources remotely expands the available hours in which these resources can be put to use. Since each machine can be used on an expanded basis, a studio owner will need to purchase fewer machines to accomplish the same work.

Examples of how the computing resource can be used more broadly are as follows: if one employee can be working remotely while he is visiting his Aunt out of state, the machine will not sit idle during this time. If another employee prefers to get up early and work before the studio opens, he can access the programs and get his work done before anyone else even arrives, thus freeing up thee machine for another employee during the day.

2. Typically the amount of work needed fluctuates throughout the year. Remote computing can help better align the costs of production with the demand for work. With a remote computing system, you can more easily equip a number of part time or contract positions. Since the machine can be easily shared, you only need to create an availability schedule so everyone knows when they will have access. As demand goes up you can add contract workers as demand goes down you can stop using contract workers. Following this method a studio owner will not need to keep on as many full time employees when there isn’t enough work to support that level of resource.

The photography industry is competitive. To thrive in this environmentArticle Search, a photography business owner needs to find ways to work more efficiently and cut expenses. Using remote computing is one way to do just that.

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