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Content Creator:

If you have something to say about big data, whether it’s commentary on the latest news or sharing a project you’re working on, we want to hear from you! Content creators post at least one article every two weeks to AnalyticsWeek.com.
Your Perks: You’ll get great exposure and become a leading mind in the field. “Published Writer” doesn’t look too bad on the resume either.
Our Perks: We get to share your great content with the world (aka Twitter, Facebook, and Analytics.Club).

Social Media Promoter:

If you’re savvy on Twitter and Facebook, this volunteer position for you. Simply share AnalyticsWeek content/events on Facebook and retweet us on Twitter. You can also comment your thoughts and participate in the fun contests!.
Your Perks: You’ll always know what’s going on in the big data community. When you share the latest news, you’ll gain followers and be able to network with top data scientists.
Our Perks: People in the Twitterverse and on Facebook will get the latest from AnalyticsWeek.


If you would like to help out at the next Meetup in your area, you can volunteer as a co-hoster! This means spreading the word on social media and to your circle of friends. You can also help on the day of the event.
Your Perks: You get to be on the “inside” during the event and are the first to know when important event developments come out.
Our Perks: We get an extra hand to make the event possible!

Research Investigator:

If you have a curious/ data focused mind, this is the opportunity for you. Look into issues as simple as R v. Python and report back to the AnalyticsWeek community with your findings.
Your Perks: You get to research cool topics and then have your work published! It’s less pressure than an official study, so you can practice your skills and get feedback.
Our Perks: We get great content and learn something from you!

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