Link Popularity

Link popularity is referred to as the process of enhancing the popularity of a webpage by linking it to other domains to increase search engine ranking of a webpage. Link building, apart from increasing the ranking of a webpage on search engine key word search, also helps increase the PR of a page. Mere search engine optimization, no mater how nicely done, is not sufficient enough to guarantee high search engine ranking.

Major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Alta Vista rely on link popularity to determine the importance of a website and rank it accordingly. If more number of related incoming links your have to your website the better for you to rank high in search engines.

Tips for Improving Link Popularity

Why is link popularity important?

Outside links help dramatically to increase traffic to your site. Increased traffic can lead to higher page rank and better conversionrates. Many search engines take link popularity into consideration for your website’s page rank by “looking” at how many relevant links are directed to your website.

Here are some strategies that are generally considered to be important to increase link popularity:

To increase link popularity, many webmasters interlink multiple domains that they own, but often search engines will filter out these linksFree Articles, as such links are not independent votes for a page and are only created to trick the search engines.

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