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Big Data Introduction to D3 [video]

Big Data Introduction to D3 [video]

Big Data Introduction to D3

[/checklist] Big Data Introduction to D3


D3.js is a Javascript library primarily used to create interactive data visualizations in the browser.  Despite its growing popularity and warm community, getting started with D3 can be tricky.  This talk covers the basics of D3 and sheds light on some of its main conceptual hurdles. It concludes by discussing some applications of D3 to big data.


About the speaker:


Sam Selikoff [ | @samselikoff ] is a self-taught full-stack web developer. Formerly a graduate student of economics and finance, he unexpectedly discovered a passion for programming while doing data work for a consulting firm. He is currently focusing on client-side MVC and data visualization.

Here’s the youtube link:


Here’s the slideshare:

Thanks to our Sponsors
Microsoft for providing awesome venue for the event.

Rovi for providing the food/drinks.

cognizeus for hosting the event and providing books to give away as raffle.

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