Assessing the Validity of your Customer Experience Management Program

Companies with customer experience management (CEM) programs rely heavily on customer feedback in making business decisions, including, setting strategy, compensating employees, allocating company resources, changing business processes, benchmarking best practices and developing employee training programs just to name a few. The quality of the customer feedback directly impacts the quality of thes... »

How Reliable is your CEM Program?

Companies rely on different types of statistical analyses to extract information from their Customer experience management (CEM) data. For example, segmentation analysis (using analysis of variance) is used to understand differences across key customer groups. Driver analysis (using correlational analysis) is conducted to help identify the business areas responsible for customer dis/loyalty. These... »

20 Best Practices in Customer Feedback Programs: Building a Customer-Centric Company

Customer feedback programs (sometimes referred to as Voice of the Customer Programs, Customer Loyalty Programs) are widely used by many companies. These customer feedback programs are designed to help them understand their customers’ attitudes and experiences to ensure they are delivering a great customer experience. The ultimate goal of a customer feedback program is to maximize customer loyalty,... »

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