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      Starter Kit [Please read it first]

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      Thank you for joining the group. This group is meant to connect Boston Data & Analytics Professionals. Data Science is in dire need for tools to form deeper connections so we as a community stay informed and build right partnerships to cope up with rapidly evolving data analytics industry.

        There are 3 other forums to help form right connections:

      1. Attending an event? share to inform others and seek someone to connect:
        Use the forum to let other know which event you’ll be attending and hopefully you’ll pre/post connect with fellow attendees.
      2. Seeking people/project to collaborate? Share it here:
        Great place to showcase and post if we are working on something or seeking some professional help. A network around tasks.
      3. Extend your network! Share your details so other member could connect with you:
        A generic open networking forum to capture the contact details of fellow data science professional

      If you think this group would be needing more groups, please open them up or let us know at info[at]analytics[dot]com

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