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Don’t let demons in your data analytics strategy fuel your halloween scare

5 years ago


When Halloween is just around the corner and the festivities smothered with zombies and goblins, the last thing data science professionals seek to see are spooky stuff in data and analytics. Businesses invests a great deal of resources to get the data analytics game right. A smooth journey from Descriptive to Predictive to Prescriptive. While we embrace the dark side of this festival, here are some spooky things we should never see in our data analytics journey.

Scare of unclean data:
Unclean data leads to unclean analysis and impacts data integrity which makes trust on data all the more spooky and gives rise to Frankenstein of data analysis. So, build a proper definition structure for clean/unclean data.

Scare of analysis paralysis:
Feeling like a zombie with analysis after analysis after analysis? You are not alone! Most of us suffer from it and those scary feelings demotivates us to not be exhaustive in our analysis to help save us from analysis paralysis. So, build a systematic approach to safeguard from analysis paralysis.

Scare of bad models:
Oh yeah, we have all heard those stories of models going wrong and producing fault prediction costing professionals money and in some cases jobs. So, build a good audit strategy to keep your models free of stink and corrosion.

Scare of zombie modelers:
Yes, people! We represent a serious clan of scary individuals who are responsible for enterprise data analytics. A bad non focused modeler could lead the effort, models, data wrangling etc to a scary town. Costing great deal of business and market trust. Such a scare could be easily avoided by creating proper checks and balances within talent to audit the process and making sure it is relevant.

Scare of disillusioned boss:
Yes, we all know who we are talking about.. those gut based decision makers who avoid data in their decision making and always undermine the investment in processes to help business better manage the data. Awareness is a great way to solve the problem.

This Halloween, make sure your data analytics demons stay checked and quarantined and not go for a ride to scare the town.


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