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Cyber Crimes And Investigation: A Brief Introduction

Security threats have become more and more sophisticated in nature in the past few decades. This is because our modes of communication have advanced and so the threats have also evolved with the times. Any forensic assessment, certain tools are involved in the investigation of a crime and everything goes through a proper channel. This article discusses how the rate and sophistication of cyber crimes has increased in the past few decades and how their investigation also goes through a proper channel so that the evidence can be discussed in a court of law.

It is a very interesting fact that sociologists have discovered that people living in rural areas feel safer than people living in urban areas. Why is this so? Rural areas constitute of smaller living quarters and mostly close together, people have a different way of life and generally, everything is slowed down. You may not witness wide gaps in social or economic classes. Whereas in urban areas, there are more people and less social responsibility and this lack of responsibility can lead to many heinous crimes being committed. Our sense of security in urban areas is challenged by a lack of community, the lack of a slowed down pace of life and anonymity concerning people around us. Urban areas also mean a modernization of certain sorts, like using more technology and increased dependency on it.

After this we can safely conclude that the bigger and busier an area becomes, the less secure we start feeling. Similarly, in computing, because of technological advancement, there are things that are difficult to keep track of. By this we mean not being able to keep a track of what parties can access what information and how at risk are we to viruses and information and intellectual theft of property. Almost all businesses and companies these days have important storage data online that should not be accessible to outsider parties and hence it needs protection. This is why IT experts have designed many software that help protect systems. But the story doesn’t end here; these softwares are also susceptible to breaches and need to be updated accordingly.

Just as there are criminals of all sorts in real life, there is a branch of criminals that are referred to as cyber criminals. These individuals steal information that is stored online on the cyber world and misuse it. Similarly, the branch that deals with these crimes is known as Cyber Forensics And Information Security. This is an entire field on its own that is taught at universities so that we can design better systems to stay protected, go through legal protocols to investigate cybercrimes and be able to present the evidence in a court of law. The forensics part of this refers to collecting data related to a particular crime being committed and information security refers to the channels and laws of protection that all information is subjected to.

Because most of our interactions are conducted online now, it is important to realize that this field of study is integral to protecting our systems from falling into serious misuse. Many cases have been reported that involve professional hackers hacking in to sophisticated systems and stealing information; as our security systems become more sophisticated, so do the methods employed by hackers. Cyber Forensics And Information Security is important in investigating cybercrimes and evolving our systems to become more aware and more impenetrable to unwanted intruders. It needs to be just as technical and sophisticated as all security related fields are in the recent years, it has gotten the attention it deserves.

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