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Data Structure Assignment Help

Data Structure is used to organize data in a definite order so that it is convenient to access. Also, because of the arrangement, the data can be quickly searched.

Data structure is the systemic way of organizing data and storing it in the computer to use it in future. There are different types of data structures to accomplish different tasks. Data structure is an efficient way of managing large amounts of data for variety of applications. Some data structures are highly specialized that are meant to perform special tasks. Data structures can be classified as Primitive data types and Non primitive data types. There are various types of data structures which are generally built upon various data types. A set of procedures is followed to implement data structure. Learners have to write data structure assignments time to time to show what they have learned so far.


Different Types Of Data Structure

 Different types of data structures are as follows:

 Linked Lists

 A linked list is a linear sequence of data records in the form of connected nodes in such a manner that each node contains a pointer which gives information about the next one.  Main types of Linked Lists are Singly linked list and Doubly linked list.


A stack is a container where objects are dispensed in LAST IN FIRST OUT  i.e LIFO manner. Here elements or items can only be added on or removed from the top only. It makes use of two procedures namely Push and Pop.

Push- insert the element into the stack

Pop- remove the element from the stack


Array is the list of elements in a specific order that are all identical which means each element is of same data type.  An array can be of many dimensions. One dimensional array is called a Vector while two dimensional arrays are called Matrix.


A queue is same as a list but the order of insertion and deletion of an item in queue is different. Here, items are added to the rear of the list or queue and eliminated from the front of the queue. This is called FIRST IN FIRST OUT i.e FIFO order.


Tree is a data structure which describes the hierarchical relationship between different elements. It contains several nodes which has some data in the form of values.


A heap is a tree like data structure. It is a binary tree which means every parent node can have up to two children.

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