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Analytics.Club is by/for/of Data Science community members. We are enriched with top data scientists and leading data science businesses working in unison to spread awareness on data science. We are one of the fastest growing data science community and we take pride in our awesome and engaged community working tirelessly to help us all stay on top of this technological evolution.

If you wish to engage with our community, here are following ways:

  • Host: Host an event in your premises and invite Analytics.Club community for a deeper dialog and discussion on the state of analytics.
  • Speaker: Our community has a great taste of high quality data science practice, methodology, tool playing and fun data story. Have one? Let’s share
  • Volunteer: We have amazing lineup of data science volunteers who wants to help out build this community in exchange for access to our great network. Wanna Volunteer? Click Here
  • Attendee: Stay tuned with our awesome events via meetup and Analytics.Club website and newer miss a beat.
  • Stay Informed: We include our club members and event participants in our weekly newsletter, but if you’ve not subscribed yet? Signup Here.

Wish to engage? Fill out the form below and we’ll be touch

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