Dental Assisting Students


At the Austin Dental Assisting Academy, we believe that everyone deserves a rewarding career. Dental Assisting can provide students with a lifetime career with endless career pathways to further their professional journey. Our staff is dedicated to the success of our students and helping them become well-trained dental assistants. 

Our program is different from the rest. Instead of attending a program that takes 12 weekends to complete and missing out on live clinical training, our program is four weeks in length and has intensive training, including didactic and clinical learning. To ensure student success, we have a small student to Instructor ratio so that students can access their teacher for extra training or quality one-on-one learning time. Students also have access to dentists with experience in General Dentistry, Oral Surgery, Pediatric Dentistry, and Orthodontics, as well as hygienists and experienced dental assistants. After completing our program, our team is dedicated to assisting students in finding job placement. This includes helping to build student resumes, mock interviews, and notifying alums of job openings in the area!

Your lifetime career is only thirty days away. Are you ready to begin? Contact us today!

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