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Don’t let demons in your data analytics strategy fuel your halloween scare

When Halloween is just around the corner and the festivities smothered with zombies and goblins, the last thing data science professionals seek to see...

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FREE Big Data sets (Lists and Links)

We did a brief research on some good resources for available data sets. We've captured some great list of data sets that one could...

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Data Analytics MOOC Courses (MOOC List)

 Intro to Hadoop and MapReduce (Udacity) Self Paced Udacity English The Apache™ Hadoop® project develops open-source software for reliable, scalable, distributed computing. Learn the fundamental principles...

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Advanced Analytics in Hadoop

On June  11 Thomas Dinsmore gave a nice outline on tools and technologies that are out there handling analytics in Hadoop. It is a...

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Unraveling the Mystery of Big Data

Synopsis: Curious about the Big Data hype? Want to find out just how big, BIG is? Who's using Big Data for what, and what can...

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