The 8 Best Data Science and Machine Learning Podcasts

Data science and machine learning have long been interests of mine, but now that I’m working on I need to keep on top of all the news in both fields.

My preferred way to do this is through listening to podcasts. I’ve listened to a bunch of machine learning and data science podcasts in the last few months, so I thought I’d share my favorites:

Data.LIVE/Playbook Leadership Podcast

A great podcast for data analytics leaders / practitioners and influencers who are looking for ways to engage, deploy and develop data analytics practice. Interviewees involved are senior executives and cutting edge data analytics startup founders. Leaders on this podcast share their journey, hacks, tricks, best practices and stories that has helped them through their data analytics journey.

Website | iTunes

The Data Skeptic

A great starting point on some of the basics of data science and machine learning. Every other week, they release a 10–15 minute episode where hosts, Kyle and Linda Polich give a short primer on topics like k-means clustering, natural language processing and decision tree learning, often using analogies related to their pet parrot, Yoshi. This is the only place where you’ll learn about k-means clustering via placement of parrot droppings.

Website | iTunes

Linear Digressions

Hosted by Katie Malone and Ben Jaffe of online education startupUdacity, this weekly podcast covers diverse topics in data science and machine learning: teaching specific concepts like Hidden Markov Models and how they apply to real-world problems and datasets. They make complex topics extremely accessible.

Website | iTunes

Partially Derivative

Each week, hosts Chris Albon and Jonathon Morgan, both experienced technologists and data scientists, talk about the latest news in data science over drinks. Listening to Partially Derivative is a great way to keep up on the latest data news.

Website | iTunes

The O’Reilly Data Show

This podcast features Ben Lorica, O’Reilly Media’s Chief Data Scientist speaking with other experts about timely big data and data science topics. It can often get quite technical, but the topics of discussion are always really interesting.

Website | iTunes

Data Stories

Data Stories is a little more focused on data visualization than data science, but there is often some interesting overlap between the topics. Every other week, Enrico Bertini and Moritz Stefaner cover diverse topics in data with their guests. Recent episodes about smart cities and Nicholas Felton’s annual reports are particularly interesting.

Website | iTunes

Learning Machines 101

Billing itself as “A Gentle Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning”, this podcast can still get quite technical and complex, covering topics like: “How to Reason About Uncertain Events using Fuzzy Set Theory and Fuzzy Measure Theory” and “How to Represent Knowledge using Logical Rules”.

Website | iTunes

Talking Machines

The newest podcasts on this list, with 8 episodes released as of this writing. Every other week, hosts Katherine Gorman and Ryan Adams speak with a guest about their work, and news stories related to machine learning.

Website | iTunes

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