The Five Commandments Of Leadership


Self help on leadership is a tough job and needs to be done
effectively, so that the matters do not take a bad shape. Leadership
needs high care in the conduct, especially in the presence of
subordinates as every action in relation to work is being noted.
Exercising leadership in a formal position is a role that must not
involve false impression, and should maintain morale by inducing zeal
and confidence. However, there are many rules to excel in leadership
and here are some significant commandments.

The first commandment to self help on leadership refers to the vision
that has the ability to view a big picture, and this separates the
leaders from followers. Leaders should improve on working to imagine
what it would look in achieving goals that relate to future. Leaders
should be good and clear communicators and they should develop the
ability to share their vision with others, as well as get it done from
others by knowing who they are, what they can do the best, recognizing
their positives, their abilities and to know what they stand for.
Setting an immense version enhances self esteem, personal pride and
self respect, when based on virtues and values.

The second commandment to self help on leadership refers to
understanding the mission and working towards the future with courage.
Topping this, self help on leadership is to maintain a clear written
goal and plan of action. Courage is the main virtue that makes the
leaders face without fear and to combat or confront it, despite the
fact that they may be scared. Leaders should act boldly without asking
for guarantee, and should develop the courage to make progress in
fulfilling any vision staying by their values. Followers are the people
looking for guarantee and are always filled with suspicion, such that
their limitation is to only take orders.

The third commandment to self help on leadership refers to realism that
enables to see the world as a reality and not as something else.
Accepting reality and viewing it without any false pretence is the key
quality of leadership to enhance their commanding behavior. The self
help on leadership is to observe the objectives, strengths and
weaknesses, but to never play games. Integrity is the essence of
realism and living with it needs a strong and courageous mind that
makes a fine reputation. The essence is truthfulness in every action,
walking, talking or breathing, and this leads to absolute adamant
behavior about existing in truth and hence integrity is thought to be
the foundation of self help on leadership as an important quality.

The fourth commandment deals with taking responsibility that implies
self reliance. Self help on leadership focuses responsibility as they
do not fall back or expect others to do things for them. Leadership
quality is accomplished when no excuses are made and neither do they
blame others, besides they also do not complain or explain. If they
find the situation unsatisfactory, they refrain from bad mouthing and
simply take the responsibility and accomplish it. They never hesitate
to volunteering responsibility mainly because they are aware to reach
the level and sustain it.

The last but not the least is the fifth commandment to self help on
leadership is to tune the mind to stay firm and exercise leadership by
motivating and explaining the organizational situation, praising work,
solving complicated problems, yet trying to be plain without being too
submissive or very authoritative.

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