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Wertual is a career development platform dedicated to empowering the world's workers through the art of AI and connected learning. Through Wertual, we provide advanced technology and analytics-powered technology to help people grow better, faster, and lead a fulfilling work life. In addition, Wertual connects all Wertual platform through HUB, so workers are never alone in their growth journey and always has access to supporting ecosystem.

Wertual's mission is to empower the world's workers through connected learning and collaborative intelligence.

Wertual officially launched in 2020 to expedite our technology available to empower and equip the global workforce as they are struggling through pandemics. As the world stalled to fight pandemic and workers are ever alone, TAO.ai's team volunteered their weekend and off-hours to accelerate the development of a revolutionary platform that not only delivers TAO.ai's revolutionary technology but provides the scale that is needed to help workers grow. Wertual plugin could bring TAO.ai's advanced analytics and AI-powered learning and development tool to any community that installs Wertual. By flipping a switch, any community could enjoy AI powered career development platform for their community. Users on Wertual would get a similar experience as many get on TAO.ai's local platform. Through Wertual, no worker is alone in their pursuit to find happiness, growth, and success in their work life.

Access to information on the Wertual platform is 100% free. An individual can be a member of Wertual for free. Companies, recruiters, and nonprofit organizations can also participate in the Wertual community for free as members. However, employers and companies for specific products and services – such as job promotions, hiring events, and brand awareness building could indulge with our specialized services delivered through TAO.ai's gateway platform. That brings the additional benefit of helping our members get access to opportunities.

To join Wertual as user:

1: Click "Wertual" link from Navigator Menu
2: Click Signup Button to login/register with the website
3: Come back to Wertual FAQ Page and click Settings link from Navigator Menu and complete setting to get signed-up with Wertual

If you are logged in, check "Settings" Link on Navigator Menu, look for "Subscribe to Career Development Newsletter" option. Select to subscriber or unselect to unsubscribe from email Newsletter

If you are logged in, check "Settings" Link on Navigator Menu, look for "Unsubscribe from all emails" option. Select to enable / disable email communication from all supporting Wertual apps.

Sorry to hear you’re leaving us! If you would like your account deactivated and unsubscribed, please let us know by emailing us at info@tao.ai.
Data Safety/Security

We use your information to notify you of relevant ways to improve your work-life – like job opportunities, products and companies – or to inform you about content and conversations on Wertual ecosystem that may be of interest to you. You can find more details about our approach to your information and privacy in our Privacy Policy here: https://tao.ai/privacy_policy

Application on Wertual with access to global hub often provides ways to show chat name. You could pick anonymous chat name to ensure your profile is not made public.

In general, Wertual prides itself on being a positive community of “people helping people.” Therefore, we expect our members to treat each other respectfully. For specific rules of conduct, please refer to the “Dos and Don’ts” section of our Terms of Use policy found here: https://tao.ai/terms_of_use

If you come across a suspicious job, community post, or member on Wertual please select the 3 dot icon in the top right corner of the post and select “Report.” The Wertual Team will investigate the post to determine what’s going on. Thanks for keeping an eye out!

We want your experience on Wertual to be a positive one. If you feel you are being harassed or threatened by anyone on our platform, please contact info@tao.ai immediately. The Wertual Team will assess the situation promptly, and if necessary, take appropriate steps to deal with the problem.
Community Leader

The Wertual Hub is a highly diverse network of professional communities, built to provide the widest variety of offerings possible for our members and other workers. We power more than 25 different online properties – ranging from full-service, industry-specific, and location-based sites, to portals that serve the constituents of our nonprofit partners. The Wertual Hub also enables us to have the highest possible reach for employers, which in turn, provides the best access to opportunity for our members.

As soon as a Wertual plugin is enabled on any community, their community members gets access to AI powered tool and network to put them on learning and development through connected learning platform.

Besides engaged, growing and thriving community, managers also gets kick backs from jobs/opportunities created through community members. This is a true Win-Win-Win platform. Member wins by creating and / or gaining opportunities, community managers gets thriving and growing community and revenue generated by helping create opportunity for its member, and we help create economic opportunities for our members globally.

Soon! We have been working with selective community but we are planning to roll the Wertual with other communities as well. If you are interested in our queue to be informed to install Wertual in your community / organization, you could register your interest at: https://forms.gle/YNEEEAxa2JmUZhnR8


1: Reach-out to us to get the Wertual plugin copy.
2(a):Install Plugin through Wordpress -
    i: Login to your website as admin (So you have permission to install the plugin)
    ii: In Admin dashboard, on left sidebar panel, click Plugins
    iii: On Plugins page click "Add New"
    iv: Click Upload Plugin on top of the page
    v: Drag and Drop your Wertual zip file and click upload, click confirmation and activate to activate plugin
2(b):Install Plugin through ftp -
    i: Login to your ftp account
    ii: Go to /wp-content/plugins folder within your website
    iii: Unzip your Wertual zip file
    iv: Upload the unzipped Wertual folder to remote plugins folder
    v: Go to Plugins section using admin panel, go to Plugins page
    vi: Activate Wertual plugin
3: Using admin dashboard, select settings, then Wertual, and setup Wertual variables
4. Enjoy Wertual tools by visit YOURWEBSITEURL/wertual

Currently Wertual is only supported in US English as language.
TAO.ai Platform

TAO.ai is owned by AnalyticsWeek LLC, a private company owned by many shareholders including founders, employees, and other investors.

Wertual is build from our AI Kitchen headquartered in Westwood, MA.

Vision: Delivering Connected Learning to Global Workforce

Mission: Delivering a learning and development platform for light to moderately skilled workers using the power of AI, Connected Learning and Collaborative Intelligence

TAO.ai is created as a response to increasing talent development gap in light to moderately skilled workforce community. Founding team had created World's largest data science community and having create the community, the team has got front row seat into adoption of AI and its impact on work. The team has identified a huge gap that is leaving majority of workers behind which could not be resolved with current learning and development ecosystem. Current solutions are primarily focussed on one size fits all, often flooding professionals with more content, but TAO.ai ensures we are connected first on our habits, best way to learn and AI ensures we are connected to ecosystem that make learning easy and adaptable to masses.

Please reach out to our team for support at info@tao.ai. Please clearly state, Website URL, your Wertual Email and issue you are facing.

We are always on a lookout for amazing talent to help extend our mission for #AIforGood solution. Email us how you could help and showing your interest and a copy of your resume to info@tao.ai

Register your interest at: https://forms.gle/YNEEEAxa2JmUZhnR8 and our team will be in touch.

We are always on a lookout for amazing talent to help extend our mission for #AIforGood solution. Email us how you could help and showing your interest and a copy of your resume to info@tao.ai